What Else Does “The Cloud” Do?

I was presented with an interesting question this past week that I wanted to touch on today about what Cloud Computing actually does. First, here is the question I’ll be answering today;

“Besides storing data online and accessing it on the go what is the purpose of Cloud Computing?”

This is very interesting to me because it seems the idea of Cloud Computing is that it is just a giant storage unit for data and that’s it. A little while back I defined the concept of what The Cloud is which can be viewed here. I wanted to retouch on this point and clarify some of the main uses of this great service.

1. Yes, it is of course a place where you can store large amounts of data that you can access on the go. This is a main tool of and meaning of The Cloud. With this though you have to remember rather than just ‘storing’ the data you can give other people access to it so co-workers can work on the same project while they are all on the go. So this idea of just storing the data online turns into an increase of productivity.

2. Imagine having a hardware issue that requires a technician but he doesn’t have to physically come into the office to fix it. There are now services that allow technicians to remote into your computer and fix issues without driving in. That saves time on both ends and since it doesn’t take as long you pay less! It’s a win / win.

3. Networking. This doesn’t just have to be seen as a social aspect or keeping up with your friends lives. There are multiple business sites such as LinkdIn that allow you to connect and keep in touch with business members in your field.

4. Budget your finances and reduce paper costs. All credit card companies and banks allow online payments which makes it very convenient to schedule monthly payments. No more writing checks at the end of the month if you don’t want to, you now have options! With this perk these companies also usually offer a list of spending graphs that show what you spent your money on, how it compares to past months.

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