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Backpack Tactics offers training for any size business, group, or nonprofit organization. We also host technology trainings for individuals and community groups. Learn how to better use Microsoft applications. Find out how social media can help your business. Improve

your efficiency by gaining learning new tools and functions.

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The Inside Story on Facebook Privacy

(February 16, 2011, 7:00 pm)

Facebook has received a lot of press in the past year regarding privacy settings, and it has prompted us to pay serious attention to what information about us is available to whom. It’s easy to see why privacy is important but not so easy to navigate Facebook’s settings to make sure that you actually have privacy. Come and learn how to take control of your privacy and to “Facebook” with confidence.

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Cloud Tools for Your Nonprofit

February 23, 2011

This session explores the “cloud” – including the most useful, inexpensive cloud tools and which tools may be right for your nonprofit. Computer productivity is steadily shifting from the computer on your desk to the “cloud” of the Internet. What are the current, inexpensive, cloud-based tools that your nonprofit should know about? What advantages might your nonprofit stand to gain by making use of these tools? What costs and time can you save by using cloud technology? executive directors, development directors, program directors, and IT managers will learn about tools useful to their departments. Attendees will walk away with cloud tools in their tool belt that they can implement tomorrow.

at “eStrategy in an iWorld“: 2011 Nonprofit Technology and Communications Conference with Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN)

View our Prezi Presentation: Cloud Tools for Your Nonprofit


Social Media development: Connecting your social media strategy with your fundraising development initiatives.

March 10-12, 2011 at Grand View Lodge in Nisswa

Social media has become an essential tool for nonprofits of all sizes. It’s an efficient tool to communicate your vision, upcoming events and host conversations with your followers. Now that you have followers, how do you turn those followers into donors? How do you use social media to cultivate gift increases?

In this session we’ll discuss methods to use social media to turn followers into donors. Bring examples of what has worked for your organization, what hasn’t and questions or challenges you’ve experienced. We’ll discuss ideas and present strategies to help your organization tie social media into your development strategy.

at the Minnesota Habitat for Humanity Statewide Conference.


Crash vs Cloud: How to back up your data and your business


April 28, 2011, 4:30 – 5:30

TwinWest Office – Board Room
10700 Old County Road 15, Suite 170
Plymouth, MN 55441

How important is your data? What value do you place on it? How crucial would it be to get your data back if you lost it today?

This session will cover how to protect yourself from computer disaster and data loss in a secure, cost-effective way for your business and personal needs. We will address questions such as these: What sort of backup is best? Is backing up to a hard drive good enough? Should I opt for online backups instead? How secure are online backups? What options are available and how much do they cost? Do I have to backup business data and personal data differently? All these questions and more will be answered in this one-hour session. Please join us.

Presenter: Brian Roemen of Backpack Tactics

Cost: $10 — pay upon arrival (free for TwinWest members!)
– accepted: cash, check, or major credit card

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PowerMail: The Blueprint

(May 13, 2011)

Facilitators: Joel Barker (Backpack Tactics) and William Naylor (thedatabank)

Marshall McLuhan famously said: ‘the medium is the message’. At the databank we know that all of our clients have great messages, but is your medium getting in the way? In this session we will be looking at what it takes to get your PowerMail messages noticed and stand out from the regular inbox noise. There will be a strong emphasis on proven design principles and techniques. We will discuss how to leverage your enewsletter to create advocates and donors.

Fundraising Best Practices for Direct Mail Design

(May 16, 2011)

Heading into your year-end campaign, you’ll learn tips for designing your direct mail fundraising appeal to maximize results. We’ll cover topics like envelope and appeal design, the most effective packages, and length. You’ll learn what other organizations are doing and what’s working well this year.

part of series “Dynamic Fundraising” by thedatabank


Best Practices for Fundraising Email Appeals

(June 20, 2011)

Email fundraising is easy once you get the hang of it. You’ll learn tips for creating an email fundraising appeal that will get people to take action. We’ll cover topics like layout, subject lines, call-to-action boxes, and length, and how many links to include.

part of series “Dynamic Fundraising” by thedatabank


Technology Forum Series

Introduction: This fall Backpack Tactics will be offering a series of technology forums between Sunday church services at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran in Edina. These forums are specifically centered on providing introductory information on current internet and technology tools such as Facebook, Twitter, online banking, and online security.

These forums are open to the public; people with limited/no experience are encouraged to attend. If you have never visited websites like Facebook and Twitter, or if you have never used online banking, these courses will be a perfect fit for you. Join us each Sunday, October 2 – November 13, 10:05-10:40 at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in the adult forum room! (Note: There will not be a forum on October 23.)


Sun., Oct. 2 — Facebook

A very basic overview of Facebook. This forum will simply focus on answering questions related to Facebook, mainly “What is Facebook?” and “How can I use Facebook?” This forum is appropriate for people who have never visited Facebook.


Sun., Oct. 9 — Electronic payment/banking/online banking

With increase in online tools, nearly every bank has moved to online banking. This forum will focus on how to stay safe and secure with online banking. This course is appropriate for any level user, including people who have never used online banking tools. Even if you don’t plan to use online banking tools, we will inform you about ways to protect your information.


Sun., Oct. 16 — Twitter (& blogs)

Twitter is all over the news, but what exactly is Twitter? This forum will focus on Twitter, covering the basics of what it is used for and how to use the tool. This forum is appropriate for any level user. It is especially suited for people who have never visited Twitter and are curious to simply be informed about what it is.


Sun., Oct. 30 — Web / Online security

The internet can be a helpful tool, but there can also be risks when using the internet. This forum will provide easy to follow advice and tips to help keep you (and your computer) safe as you navigate online. Bring any security questions already on your mind and we will try to answer them for you.


Sun., Nov. 6 — Web / Online navigation

Navigating the online landscape can be confusing and challenging. What are the most efficient ways of finding information? How can I save information to use again in the future? How do I avoid visiting unwanted site? This forum will focus on the basics of online navigation and provide some useful tips for your journeys online.


Sun., Nov. 13: Free online services

The internet is a treasure chest of opportunity. This forum will discuss some available free or inexpensive tools that exist online and may be helpful in your daily life. All tools recommendations have been vetted for security and usability so that you can rest assure they are safe, when used right (which, we will discuss how to use them correctly.) This forum is appropriate for all level users interested in learning about a variety of online tools available.