To Google or not to Google?

I’m sure we’ve all been in that position where something isn’t quite working right with our computer and a thought occurs, why not just Google a solution! Brilliant! In most cases, however, you’re bombarded with a million possible (It could be this) answers. What now? At this point you’re presented with a fork in the road; three paths lay ahead of you.

Path 1 – Click on a link and just roll with it. Most of the symptoms that the website lists are there and you try to fix it yourself. With this option though if something goes wrong then you’re in even worse shape than you were when you began and the fall-out could be dire. With this option, anything that goes wrong is also on you. If you hire a professional and something goes wrong then they will fix that as well, not on this path though. We recommend that you don’t do this unless you absolutely know what you’re doing. (Not Recommended)

Path 2 – Ignore the problem, if it doesn’t affect your everyday functions then why not just ignore it. Maybe it’ll just go away or maybe it’ll get worse before you deal with it. Please don’t do this, it never just goes away! (Highly Not Recommended)

Path 3 – You concede (you win this round computer) and call someone for help! This is why people like us are around, we love working with technology and solving problems! (Highly Recommended)

The main thing I find when working with clients or helping friends with issues is there may seem to be a small problem but it is actually bigger than the person thinks. It may even be ignored or put off which can also lead to an even greater problem. I like to use the analogy that a computer problem is like a weed in a garden. If you pull the weed right away, roots and all then the problem’s gone, no worries. If you ignore it though then it’ll grow and spread. You’re then faced with even more work and presented with multiple problems that will take a lot longer to fix!

This doesn’t mean researching a problem is bad, I recommend you do this if you find yourself in a situation where your computer isn’t running as smoothly as it should be. Finding out possible symptoms that are wrong will help you describe the issue to the technician you call in and help them solve the problem more efficiently!

Our Lead Technician, Brian Roemen put it perfectly when I asked him about this, here are his thoughts: “Well, I never discourage users from trying to learn what they can and solve what they can by using resources like online forums and google searches. We love education and empowering users to feel comfortable and in control of their computers, after all. However, Googleing an error message often gives you search results of solutions that are difficult to understand and then do no good anyway. In some cases, someone may post a “solution” on an online forum that would actually be detrimental for anyone that tried to use it. It takes a bit of a technical eye to know which solutions will work and which won’t. So, as a general rule, I’d say this: If you google a problem and find a solution, then evaluate it this way: Do you immediately and instantly understand the solution and everything that it entails? Then go for it! Are you finding a lot of technical jargon or unable to find steps and you don’t really understand the implications of the solution that you’re reading? Now it’s time to contact someone with more expertise.”

Reoccurring Problems

If you find yourself with a problem that seems to keep occurring and you’re constantly getting fixed then perhaps it’s time to do some Technology training! This could help you better understand why it is occurring and what you can do to avoid the problem. A reoccurring problem could also mean the issue goes far deeper than previously thought. Remember, there is always a source to a problem!

Technology definitely makes our lives easier but as most people who use it know, it can make our lives equally as difficult. That’s why people like us are here! Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question, especially when it comes to technology! You can read a previous post of ours here that discusses this further!

Do you have any Technology issues you need fixed or perhaps some training? Head over to our services page and see how we can help you!

Is there a certain method you use for keeping track of issues or solutions we didn’t cover? Maybe you just have a question for us! Leave a comment and let us know!

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