Should I Upgrade My Slow Computer Part 2

So earlier this week I wrote the first part of this post, you can view that here. As I mentioned in the previous post, technology is constantly becoming out of date and these tips will help you keep your computer running smoothly and allow you to have a longer lasting machine!

1. Avoid saving things to your desktop. This will slow down your computer’s start-up time and will make your computer work a lot harder than it needs to. It’s perfectly fine to have short-cuts to programs on your desktop but saving actual files isn’t going to help and will also make it harder to stay organized.

2. Have multiple save points for your documents. What I mean by this is using Cloud services or an external hard drive to spread out your files will allow your computer to not be dragged down from lack of memory. Think of it like lifting weights at the gym, the more weights you add to one bar make it harder to lift and heavy; however, if you spread those weights over multiple bars you’re able to go to each one and lift it fairly easy. This will also help you stay organized and keep your files safe!

3. Upgrading your Operating System to the latest version is highly recommended. For example, some PC computers still run on Windows XP; consider upgrading these to Windows 7. It will greatly increase the computers functionality. You may want to hire a tech. for this process if you aren’t familiar with software. In most cases you have to reformat your entire computer because of the large difference between these two Operating Systems. Having someone with you who knows what they are doing will allow you to not lose any files!

4. One of the tips on the last post was to physically clean the dust out of your computer. This tip is to clean your computer files. Think of this as spring cleaning for your hard drive. We all have files that we may not need and that is taking up space that could be available. It’s also creating a longer start-up time for your computer! If you really feel you can’t part from a document maybe consider having a Cloud service folder meant just for this, a (pre-trash) storage unit if you will!

If you’re asking yourself, why should I follow these tips? Let me reiterate how these will help your computer:

  • Faster start-up time
  • More space for future documents
  • Post-pone that new computer for a while longer
  • Less of a fire hazard (you’d be surprised how much dust can build up in a computer!)
  • It will give you a clean and happy computer!

So next time you consider buying a new computer maybe just relook at your old one and you could find you don’t really need a brand new machine, your old one is perfectly fine with a few, easy adjustments!

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Did I leave out any tips you want covered or any questions on what we did mention? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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