Technology Training

In-Person Live Technology Training

You don’t just need IT support; you need to build your own expertise. Technology only does you some good if you know how to use it. Our IT Professionals know the best practices and excel at guiding users in understanding both general and specific technology skills.

Here are some examples of common training sessions we offer.

  • Email and calendar management
  • Contacts management
  • Internet tools and cloud computing tools
  • Social media tool management
  • Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Document, Spreadsheet and Presentation programs
  • Database use
  • File management

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Online Technology Training Videos

Get the crash course on a few specific, useful topics. Here’s an example.

Email signatures . . . but smarter

Most people know about and use email signatures as a quick way to attach their contact info to an email. However, we often want differing signatures to correspond with the recipient: business emails should get your business address and work phone # while personal emails should get your personal mobile phone #, etc. This video covers how to do exactly this in both Gmail and Outlook.

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