Do you find yourself logging onto  and scrolling around, trying to find that one particular document or spreadsheet? If so then you may need to re-think your organization strategy, that’s where I come in! Let me share a few tips with you on how to keep everything neat and clean!

Just as a side note, some of these tips can also be used on your physical hard drive as well and not just in the cloud! (It’s a Win, Win!)



This seems like a basic thing but trust me, naming something efficiently narrows your search down greatly when you have documents piling up. The last thing you need is multiple untitled documents floating around; this will waste your time as you try to figure out what each one contains. If you work with multiple clients than whenever you post a document for a certain client put their name or an abbreviation of it in the title. Also, name the document or spreadsheet something short and basic; something that sums it up and is recognizable.


This goes along with the Naming section. Keep in mind when you’re sharing documents; it will now appear in the other persons tab now, make it easy on them! I’ve run into this problem a few times and it’s easier for everyone if you name the document something easily recognizable. It’ll help you find the document and help your friend or co-worker find it as well. This goes both ways as well! If someone shares a document with you and it is “untitled” don’t be afraid to name it or suggest a title to them so it doesn’t get lost.

Using the same document more than once

Let me give you an example of this to explain further. When writing some blog posts that I want others to edit before they go live I import them to and tag the person. These were piling up though so a suggestion was made, why not just have one on-going document? Brilliant! Now there is one document that is used with the title (ongoing edits). This has limited the amount of documents greatly, especially if you’re uploading similar documents multiple times a week!

Sort by

Don’t let this great tool fade into the mist! In the right corner of is the magic “sort” button which will allow you to view multiple options such as ‘last modified’, ‘last opened by me’ and so on. I believe the default setting for this is ‘Last Modified’ and this is the one I prefer but you may have your own preference, play around with it!


Google gives you an almost unlimited amount of space, so it’s very easy to become an online hoarder (imagine that becoming a reality show!) It’s easy to forget you’re offered the option to delete documents!


Like I said above, some of these tips will work on your personal computer and also other Cloud Computing storage units. Pretty much anywhere you store things.  If you follow these tips then in no time at all you’ll be able to track down any document you have stored online or on your computer! Also, If you found this helpful be sure to check out a past post of ours about clearing out E-mail clutter

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Do you use any organizing strategies that we missed? Leave a comment and let us know!

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