HootSuite vs Tweetdeck vs Seesmic

Hello all and Happy Friday! As the week is coming to a close I wanted to do a comparison of three great tools that help manage your Social networks. At the end I’ll wrap up everything you’ve learned about all these different services!

So, before I jump into the pros and cons of these three services how about a brief summary of their purpose? Rather than jumping between your different networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn you can create an account and view all at the same time. This is great if you’re doing Social Network posts for your business and want the Tweet and Facebook post to say the same things!

Okay, now that you have a brief overview of what these three services do let’s jump right into the comparison!

Hootsuite (Highly Recommended)


  • Has a Free version
  • Very easy to connect multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts to one
  • Very user friendly
  • Easy to schedule current and future posts
  • Allows you to create free quick reports
  • Nice layout of Social Network streams
  • Has its own link shortener


  • Can be a little slow and clunky when you first start it up
  • Has set scheduling times, may seem semi-restricting to some
  • Can only add 2 RSS feeds on the free version


There is a $5.99 monthly fee for the Pro account. With this you gain access to Google Analytics, can add a team member and your tweets are also archived. You can also add unlimited RSS feeds.

Tweetdeck (Recommended)


  • It’s totally free!
  • Loads very quick, even upon startup
  • User friendly
  • Nice layout, easy to view streams with a grey background
  • Allows you to customize which streams you want to view
  • You can type in when you want to schedule a post, no set intervals you have to choose from
  • Shortens your links automatically


  • Can link multiple accounts but you can only post to the one’s you’re an Owner of
  • No analytics built in so you have to use another service such as Sns Analytics if you want to view reports of your links
  • Streams everything together with only a certain amount of columns available


This is a great free service with a wonderful layout that makes it very easy to find things. There aren’t a lot of add-ons so if you’re looking for something past sending out posts you may want to try take a look at another service. If you’re looking for just the basics though this is a great tool!

Seesmic (Recommended)


  • It’s free!
  • Very user friendly
  • Great layout, easy to find everything
  • Allows you to customize the background from White to Black
  • Has a Desktop download so you don’t have to log into the site every time
  • Semi-Easy to schedule posts
  • Allows you to choose which language you want to view things in


  • Doesn’t allow you to access Facebook Pages you’re Admin of
  • The scheduling is on a 24 hour clock, can be confusing if you’re coming from a 12 hour clock


This is a very user friendly platform that has great mobile apps. It also has a slick desktop app that allows you to avoid logging in through the website every time you want to use it! The scheduling process takes longer than the other two services since it’s on a different clock so you have to think about what time 18.00 is if you aren’t used to it.


All of these products are great and we Recommend all of them. TweetDeck and Seesmic are free and user friendly and they get the job done. If you’re looking for something with a lot more to offer we Highly Recommend Hootsuite. It offers a great deal and is very user friendly. If you want full access to its services you of course have to pay a monthly fee but the free version still offers a great deal and is very easy to learn.

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Did we forget to mention a service you use or do you have any input on what we did mention? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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