Gmail Tricks for Power Users

Earlier this morning I read a list of Gmail tricks for “Power Users.” Needless to say this list consisted of tricks that a basic user should know. If you’re a Gmail user like me then you are always connected to what’s happening in your inbox. You may even have multiple accounts. Are you getting all there is to offer out of Gmail though? There are a lot of great tools with this service that will make your life a lot easier!

Before we dive into these tips and tricks though I’d like to remind you of a new aspect of Gmail; Google Drive. It’s the new Google.Docs for those who aren’t away of the transition that happened a few weeks ago. You can view a previous post in which we covered its basics and how it compares to Dropbox here!


Think of this as just organizing your desk. Would you rather have papers scattered everywhere or neatly stacked in related piles? You can find this useful tool in the Settings tab. This is great if you work with different teams at work or want to separate your personal emails from your work ones.


Being able to create a filter is a brilliant feature! This can help you organize your emails automatically, so you don’t have to worry about dragging everything from one person into a certain folder or label. You can filter names, email address, certain subjects, words the email has, words the email doesn’t have. Essentially anything, and you can also choose where it goes, how it’s marked, if you want it automatically forwarded, or if you just want certain messages deleted right away.

Multiple Accounts

Do you have multiple Gmail accounts but are tired of logging out every time to check each one individually? You don’t have to log out at all to do this! Google must have foreseen this problem and have given you the power to sign in to up to 10 accounts in the same browser. If you don’t want to hassle with multiple tabs though Gmail does let you send emails from multiple accounts right from your main window. If you go under Settings and click on the “Accounts and Import” tab you can add another account. Now you can send out emails from either without logging out!

Inbox Zero

The Ultimate goal of any Power User is to achieve this. It’s kind of like the Perfect Game in baseball, one of those rare moments of euphoria. Until you get another round of work emails that is! Using all of the above tools will make achieving this a very realistic goal!

Using all the tools Google gives you will make you an even greater Power User of Gmail and will make your online life a lot easier!

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