Cloud Computing – Google Drive vs Dropbox

This week Google released their latest project, Google Drive. I hate flaunting one over the other before I start a comparison but it is pretty sweet. More of that later though! Now before you begin reading my comparison of these two great Cloud products you might want to check out a post I wrote a few weeks ago about why storing files in The Cloud is important! You can view that post here.

Let the Cloud storage war begin!

Google Drive – (Highly Recommended)


  • Syncs with instantly, this is huge because like with you can collaborate with co-workers or friends on documents and other projects
  • Gives you 5GB free, only $4.99 per a month for 100GB
  • Easy to drop files into the desktop file
  • It’s a Google product (I may be bias on this point)
  • Can store pictures, video
  • Works both with Mac and PC
  • Very secure storage


  • It’s brand new; there could be some bugs that haven’t been found yet
  • If you’re not a Gmail user you will have to setup an account to gain access to the Google.doc usage and syncing

Google Drive Summary

It’s a very quick installation and it automatically syncs all of your Google.doc files with your desktop folder. This is a great product by Google and since it was only just released we can expect a lot of great changes and additions to it as it gains some age and they get feedback from users!

Dropbox (Highly Recommended)


  • Has been around for a while and is quite established
  • Very Secure storage
  • Slick process of dropping files into the folder
  • Can share files with others
  • 2GB of free storage; if you refer others you can get up to 18GBs of free storage
  • Can store photos and video


  • Can’t work on files in the service, users have to download the files
  • Unless you’re promoting this product to get referrals you gain less free space than Google Drive
  • Have to upgrade to Dropbox pro to get 100GB of storage, more work than just agreeing to pay a monthly fee on your already setup account

Dropbox Summary

This is a very great Cloud storage tool. It may give less free space than Google Drive but 2GB’s is still thousands of documents that you can share with co-workers or friends.


Both of these products are great and should be utilized. If you’re already setup on Dropbox then that’s great, stick with it! It’s a great product and isn’t going anywhere. I do recommend keeping an eye on Google Drive and if you’re a Google user to check it out. It’s a very quick download and slick sync to all your Google files. Also keep in mind that Google Drive just came out this week so it is brand new and may have some glitches. A lot of changes are bound to come with it and additions but right now I would say it’s worth a look!

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