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HootSuite vs Tweetdeck vs Seesmic

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Hello all and Happy Friday! As the week is coming to a close I wanted to do a comparison of three great tools that help manage your Social networks. At the end I’ll wrap up everything you’ve learned about all these different services! So, before I jump into the pros and cons of these three services how about a brief summary of their purpose? Rather than jumping between your different networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn you can create … Read More

What Else Does “The Cloud” Do?

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I was presented with an interesting question this past week that I wanted to touch on today about what Cloud Computing actually does. First, here is the question I’ll be answering today; “Besides storing data online and accessing it on the go what is the purpose of Cloud Computing?” This is very interesting to me because it seems the idea of Cloud Computing is that it is just a giant storage unit for data and that’s it. A little while … Read More

Reflections of SXSW – 2012

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If you follow me on Twitter, you already know I was at South By Southwest – Interactive Conference (#sxsw or #sxswi) a few weeks ago. Indeed, a few of you noticed and commented on how many times I hit up the Taco Shack for breakfast tacos. (What a tasty way to start a day!) This was my first SXSW experience, and it was a great one. The sessions, networking, smart people, great nightlife, music, tacos, ribs, and ideas – all … Read More

A Date With Social Media

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Featured guest blogger: Kelli Farnam — When we walk into the Targets and Best Buys of this world, we expect to be greeted by the same red bulls eye and yellow sales ticket, no matter if we are in rural Minnesota, metro California, or on the moon. We also expect to be greeted with the same fun, upbeat conversation and energy that we see in their commercials. When we experience contradictions between what we are told about the brand (via … Read More

Facebook security and privacy (part 2)


As previously mentioned, last week Backpack Tactics held a group training session on Facebook security and privacy. This installment is part 2 of 2 covering at least some of the material from this training. Part 1 focused on the security aspect: making sure that your account doesn’t get hacked. Now, we focus on the privacy settings.  Whether your Facebook  use is personal or business, privacy deserves some attention. It would take way too long to cover all the privacy settings, … Read More

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