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Gmail Tricks for Power Users

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Earlier this morning I read a list of Gmail tricks for “Power Users.” Needless to say this list consisted of tricks that a basic user should know. If you’re a Gmail user like me then you are always connected to what’s happening in your inbox. You may even have multiple accounts. Are you getting all there is to offer out of Gmail though? There are a lot of great tools with this service that will make your life a lot … Read More

Should I Upgrade My Slow Computer Part 2

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So earlier this week I wrote the first part of this post, you can view that here. As I mentioned in the previous post, technology is constantly becoming out of date and these tips will help you keep your computer running smoothly and allow you to have a longer lasting machine! 1. Avoid saving things to your desktop. This will slow down your computer’s start-up time and will make your computer work a lot harder than it needs to. It’s perfectly … Read More

Should I Upgrade My Slow Computer?


Did you just buy a new, top of the line computer last month? Well, I’m sorry to say this but there is probably something better out now. Technology is improving at an almost frightening speed and it’s hard to stay ahead. Let me put this into perspective. In 2002 the largest hard drive you could get in a computer was 137 gigabyte, this was considered outstanding. Today over 4 terabyte hard drives are available, and that’s just hard drive space! … Read More

To Google or not to Google?

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I’m sure we’ve all been in that position where something isn’t quite working right with our computer and a thought occurs, why not just Google a solution! Brilliant! In most cases, however, you’re bombarded with a million possible (It could be this) answers. What now? At this point you’re presented with a fork in the road; three paths lay ahead of you. Path 1 – Click on a link and just roll with it. Most of the symptoms that the … Read More

Pros and Cons of Physical Hard drives


It’s always great to have that feeling where you know your information is an arm’s length away. Having all your data stored in a physical hard drive that you can touch and is in your possession. Sure it’s a wonderful idea to have everything backed up, but going with just an external hard drive may not be the best option, or the safest. A little while back we discussed storing your data on the Cloud and how safe it is, … Read More

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