Brian Roemen

Brian Roemen

Lead Tech & Owner

brian.roemen [at]

Brian has over 10 years of technical support experience. He has worked with Brandon Valley High School (Sioux Falls, SD), Concordia University (Saint Paul, MN), Target Corp, Siemens, RBC Wealth Management, and as an independent consultant. He has experience managing networks, PC setup and repair, technology training, and support for a wide range of hardware and software.

Brian currently teaches philosophy and theology at Concordia University in Saint Paul. He has been teaching college and high school courses since 2008.

Brian has also presented numerous technology training sessions in many different contexts for many different audiences. He has trained in college, nonprofit, for-profit, and church settings. He has trained anyone from the college aged to retirees.

Brian is analytical and systematic in his approach to problems. He loves efficiency and hates resource waste. He believes that technology, when wielded correctly, can work wonders for productivity. He enjoys finding the best ways to leverage technology to make the daily tasks of life and business convenient and manageable.

Off the clock, Brian likes running, parkour, discovering new musical artists, and seeking a greater understandings of politics, philosophy, theology, and science.