Backpack Tactics becoming Brave North Technology

Dear Clients and Friends,

Effective January 1, 2018, our name will change from Backpack Tactics LLC to Brave North Technology LLC. Same people — new name.


Since our founding in 2010, we have enjoyed the mobile technology visual that Backpack Tactics conveys. As we have grown in our technology services, and received thousands of inquiries about backpacking equipment and hiking advice, we felt our name should better illustrate the services we deliver to you, our clients.

Brave North Technology reflects our passion for providing you with the very best, direct, and honest counsel and technology support, while also paying tribute to our Minnesota identity. Of course, the addition of “technology” in our name will better distinguish us as a technology provider rather than a hiking supply company.

You will not see an interruption in service. There is no change in hourly rates. The changes you will notice are superficial and involve naming changes such as with invoice payments and email addresses. You will continue to see the same quality services. Our existing email addresses and phone numbers will seamlessly forward to our new ones, providing you time to make updates to your address book without a missed support request.

In 2018, we will be adding more depth to our services. This will include improved help desk support, CTO services, policy creation and management, and greater technology strategy planning. All these are based on requests from you, and we look forward to providing you increased value in our partnership.

We are grateful for the continued trust you put in our team to support your technology needs. Thank you!

Brian Roemen & Joel Barker

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