Comparison: RingCentral vs. MyFax

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If you’re anything like me, you hate the world of fax not just because it’s cumbersome, low-resolution, equipment-heavy, and demanding its own line, but also because you have to have one. No matter how far we move beyond the 20th century, these things somehow persist like dinosaurs that survived the meteor impact. I like to think of Minneapolis / Saint Paul as a cutting-edge type of place, but I still get asked, “Hey, can you fax that to me?” Anyway, there … Read More

Comparison: Mozy vs. Carbonite backup

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Backups are all the rage these days. At least, they are all the rage at Backpack Tactics. We believe strongly in a good backup strategy. The best way to accomplish this is with cloud technology. We’ve previously discussed cloud backup in general,  and we’ve covered particular cloud backup services in the past, such as Crashplan. Let’s compare a couple of the popular services that work well for small businesses or nonprofits: Mozy and Carbonite. These products fit well for home/individual … Read More

Keep it together: Folder organization for all those files

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(Last week we touched on best practices for file names, which goes hand-in-hand with folder organization. Visit last week’s post to see our recommendations for naming the files in your folders: Getting organized with good file naming practices.)   Have you ever been asked to locate a document or file on a coworker or friend’s computer? Or maybe you’ve taken a new job and been thrown into your predecessor’s bloodbath of scattered documents. Keeping your files organized is critical to … Read More

Getting organized with good file naming practices


Good file names are central for staying organized, which is central for overall productivity, which is central for time-effectiveness and cost-effectiveness. It’s kindof a dry topic, but good file name practices can be helpful in streamlining both your business and your personal life (including the fact that continuity between your professional and personal organizational styles can launch you toward all the greater of a level of productivity). Alright, there are about a million things to say about how to keep your … Read More

Forget to update your website? It can cost you.

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Last week I had a breakfast meeting with a nonprofit colleague in downtown Minneapolis. We both arrived to find the location we had picked had not updated their new hours on their website. There we were, one hour before they opened, but 30 minutes after the time their website said they would be open. We went and had breakfast someplace else. If you’re not keeping your website up-to-date, you’re losing opportunities. You know how important your storefront signage is to … Read More

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