Wufoo vs Google Forms

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Have you ever had to create a form to send out to your customers, but wondered “which is the best service to use?” Well today I’m going to discuss two of the top services, pros and cons of each and when it is best to use each. Google Docs (Recommended) This is our first candidate up for discussion today. You should use this service if you have a quick and simple form you’d like to get out right away. It’s … Read More

Browser Security


So which Web Browser is the best? This is a long standing debate and of course everyone has their own personal preference. Since there is so much information about out there about every browser ever used let’s bring it down to the main four that are used today and talk about security. I’ll also discuss ways to make sure your browser is up to optimal levels of security while you search the web. At the very end I’ll post an … Read More


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With more and more options for cloud computing and off-site backup or storage, it can often be difficult to decide on the right choice. As part of our series sharing trustworthy options for online backup, we’d like to highlight one that is reliable, secure, and cost effective. Not only that, but CrashPlan is based in Minnesota! (So it gets brownie points for being local – to us.) CrashPlan’s cloud software allows the backing up of all your critical business files, whether they are … Read More

E-mail clutter getting you down?


Last week I read an article that discussed five ways in-which you can clear up your inbox, but I noticed a few easy but important things they missed.  Here are five easy tips to help manage your e-mail clutter in the office: 1.)  First, spend a few minutes narrowing down which e-mails are the most important that you receive every day; are they from your boss, customers, co-workers?  No matter what e-mail service you’re using each one of them has a priority … Read More

Comparison: RingCentral vs. MyFax

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If you’re anything like me, you hate the world of fax not just because it’s cumbersome, low-resolution, equipment-heavy, and demanding its own line, but also because you have to have one. No matter how far we move beyond the 20th century, these things somehow persist like dinosaurs that survived the meteor impact. I like to think of Minneapolis / Saint Paul as a cutting-edge type of place, but I still get asked, “Hey, can you fax that to me?” Anyway, there … Read More

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