AutoHotkey is the coolest application that you’re probably not using

I want to feature one of my favorite programs.

AutoHotkey is the coolest application that you’re probably not currently using. ¬†For the common user, I think that the following is the most useful feature. Have you ever thought that Microsoft Word’s spelling auto correction feature was really convenient. You know, like when you type “retrieve” and it will replace it with “retrieve”? Isn’t that nice and convenient? I remember actually wishing, “Wow. I’d be nice if there could be an auto-correction feature for everything that I type on my computer–not just in Microsoft Word. Well, get ready that’s about to happen.

AutoHotkey is a small, light-weight tool that live and runs in the windows system tray (by the clock). That is, it’s totally out of your way. Yet, at the same time, it can do cool things like automate spelling corrections for the user (you) while you type. All you have to do is download AutoHotkey and then download and run the “autocorrect” file. This program will watch every keystroke that you make and, no matter what program you’re using, will replace your spelling mistakes. Nice, huh?

Let’s not stop there. It gets cooler. You can also manually add to AutoHotkey some personal “common phrases” that you use. For example, I’ve set up some autoreplacements for my name by entering this code into the document.

::nm::Brian Roemen

Instead of typing my name, I just type “nm” then [space] and AutoHotkey types “Brian Roemen” for me. Or, take this example. I use the following code.

So, whenever I type “gml” and [space] AutoHotkey replaces it with “”. Think about how often you type these sorts of things throughout the day. You cam probably imagine at this point how much time AutoHotkey can ultimately save you.

The downside is that some of this is just a little technical, yet it’s still learnable. I recommend giving it a shot. the worst that could happen is that you find a new way to automate spelling corrections.

Do you have any auto-replacement tricks to share? Post them in the comments.

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