About Us


We’re mission driven

Our mission is to make technology efficient for you in your office and at home. We create solutions to fit your specific business goals and budget. We tailor technology to fit your specific home needs.

We are different. We think technology should enhance your business success. As a small or medium size business, your technology needs are unique. We listen to your needs and develop a plan that fits you.

As a business owner, you’re pulled in many directions. Our technology solutions are mobile, so you can access your technology needs from anywhere. We place the highest importance on ensuring that our solutions provide results that save you time, protect your information, and build positive customer experiences — all so your business can grow.  (More about our services…)

Why the name “Backpacks Tactics”?

As your customers become more mobile, your business needs to adapt to mobile, lightweight technology as well. Backpacks symbolize the flexible and mobile nature of our technology solutions. Also, we literally use our backpacks for carrying our laptops and business documents.

We are members of. . .

We’re members of and participate in several chambers of commerce and other business networking organizations. Check them out here.

Our Technicians

All Backpack Tactics IT Support Professionals are experienced technicians. Our IT Support Professionals include generalists, server & network experts, hardware repair technicians, and several other specialties.

We only hire technicians with 5 or more years of qualified Information Technology experience. This provides the experience you expect as a technology consumer. We vet our technicians before they enter your business or home. All our technicians have passed a criminal background check.


Joel Barker
President & Owner
(612) 460-0092

Brian Roemen
Lead Tech & Owner
(612) 412-4606