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Defining Cloud Computing


What is cloud computing? I know we suggest to people to use ‘the cloud’ but does everyone actually know what that means? It’s hard to wrap your mind around something so big and relatively new. To start things off I wanted to see how other people define this, so of course I did a search and instantly was bombarded with one hundred (no joke) different definitions for “Cloud Computing.” It seems everyone has their own idea of what this service … Read More

Vertical Response vs Mailchimp

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You shouldn’t pay to send professional looking emails to clients or donors. As a small business or nonprofit, you probably hear repeatedly that you should be communicating regularly with your clients or donors through email, but you’re not quite sure which program to use? There are three well known email programs used for email contact: ConstantContact, VerticalResponse, and Mailchimp. Because we’re all about finding inexpensive tools for our clients without compromising tools or capability, I’m going to focus on the two … Read More

Cloud Computing Security


So this morning when I sat down with my coffee and opened up the web I began to notice a trend while browsing the usual tech websites. Most of the main stories were about privacy breaks, issues with too much personal information online and data theft. It’s true there are a lot of great tools to use but keep in mind that the online world isn’t always pretty and staying secure is definitely required for your home or small business. … Read More

Nonprofit Tech and Communications Conference Review

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Last Friday was the annual Nonprofit Technology and Communication Conference. A lot of great people stopped by our booth and there were so many captivating presentations.  One in particular was the keynote speaker, John Moe (the host of American Public Media’s Marketplace). I’m going to focus on just a few of the points that he mentioned in his speech because there was just so much discussed. I’ll talk about three quotes that particularly stood out to me from the Keynote … Read More

Ipad vs Galaxy Tab 10.1

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There’s been a lot of buzz lately about the Ipad, especially with Apple set to release their newest model, the Ipad HD tomorrow. It’s no doubt that Apple produces one of the best tablets but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other options and I feel some times they cast a shadow on what else is out there. I will do a comparison of the most current version, the Ipad 2 versus the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 I’ll discuss which tablet may be … Read More

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