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Boost internet productivity with add-ons (part 1)

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An increasingly large portion of our productivity happens online. This is true for both our business/professional and home/personal work. The advent of cloud computing in particular means that an ever-increasing percentage of our computer time happens via the portal of our internet browsers. First it was just websites and their information, then email,  online banking, paperless bill management, web-based calendars, online classrooms, online video/TV/movies, cloud computing office tools like Google Docs, the wildfire-like spread of social media, and the list goes on. This reality makes … Read More

Why mobile technology is where you should be


Part 1 of a 2-part series featuring, Jesse Stremcha, ePhilanthropy Strategist at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, shares his thoughts on why mobile devices and mobile internet are a HUGE deal.  In part 1, he’ll talk about what is happening in mobile technology. Part 2 will focus on what it means for you and your business or nonprofit. I became a convert to the religion of mobile last year.  I saw a deck online presented by Mary Meeker. This … Read More

Eradicate computer nags and popups (part 2)

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Last post, we covered popups and nags that come from your operating system itself–that is, from Windows. Now, let’s cover a few nags and popups that come from specific applications. The goal, again, is to get rid of any and all popup messages that are useless and unhelpful. Getting rid of these isn’t necessarily IT “support” but it is certainly an IT enhancement, as it gets you back on track with efficient and streamlined computing for greater productivity. That’s what … Read More

Eradicate computer nags and popups (part 1)

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Popups, nags, and dialogue boxes are a persistent computing problem in the office and at home. Those little boxes plague us constantly: “Are you sure you want to ____?”, “Would you like to update _____?”, “You should restart your computer”, “Please register your ____.”, “Welcome! Would you like to tour the ____?” Not only does this steal time from you because you need to physically click “yes,” “no,” “etc.,” but these distractions also rob you of your mental focus and … Read More

Computergonomics: we are human after all

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No matter how much I tend to lose myself in technology, a couple persistent neck and back pains constantly remind me that I am human. Being a human being is a good thing, for the most part, but it means that we face constant issues with our computer use. They strain our eyes, our wrists and hands, encourage bad posture throughout the spine and neck, and many more bad things that we don’t want to think about. Let’s face it: … Read More

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