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Crashplan: the people’s online backup


I’ve written about online backups in a previous post, but it’s time to talk backups again because (a) I’ve found a really cool, innovative feature that I’ve never seen in online backups before and (b) backing up is so important that it’s worth mentioning again even just for its own sake. There are several options on the market for online backups for businesses and personal use. Many of them have similar features, including the pricing. To make a long story … Read More

Facebook security and privacy (part 2)


As previously mentioned, last week Backpack Tactics held a group training session on Facebook security and privacy. This installment is part 2 of 2 covering at least some of the material from this training. Part 1 focused on the security aspect: making sure that your account doesn’t get hacked. Now, we focus on the privacy settings.  Whether your Facebook  use is personal or business, privacy deserves some attention. It would take way too long to cover all the privacy settings, … Read More

Facebook security and privacy (part 1)

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This week Backpack Tactics is holding a group training session, and one of our topics will be Facebook security and privacy. Many Facebookers pay little attention to their privacy settings for a handful of reasons: lack of interest, the difficulty of navigating Facebook’s privacy settings, or sheer lack of awareness of this crucial aspect of the Facebook world. Why you should care about Facebook privacy First, Facebook is probably your most significant presence on the internet. You have a lot … Read More

Get straight to work with keystroke launchers


As mentioned before, a huge percentage of many of our professional and personal lives are spent navigating our computers in one form or another. Some portion (the good portion) of computing is spent actually doing the things that we need to do (writing, reading, constructing, composing, etc.). Another portion (the unfortunate portion) is spent navigating to or finding the thing that we need in order to begin the “doing” activity (clicking toward an application, filling in logins, looking for files, … Read More

Featured tool: Boomerang for Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook


I think I’ll stick with a recent theme of email efficiency.  A few blogs ago I discussed email technique, in which we focused on approach and mindset (“processing” email instead of “checking” it). Technique is crucial and maybe the most important part of email efficiency, but  there are also a few handy tools that make emailing faster, more efficient, and less stressful, too. Today I want to feature a recent find of mine: Boomerang for Gmail. Getting the timing right with emails is tricky. … Read More