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How to use labels and filters to organize your Google mail inbox


Keeping your email account organized can be tedious and we usually just end up neglecting email organization altogether. However, Google mail (Gmail and Google Apps) has the right tools to help you stay organized and to do so with minimal work on your part. Check out this tutorial to find out how to keep your inbox clean, organized, and colorful. How to use labels and filters to organize your Google mail inbox

To server or not to server?

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As a small business, there’s a lot to keep track of, such as inventory, schedules, records, finances, innumerable general documents, and maybe a few databases. You may have a few computers that your business uses, and you need a way to keep all the data together–preferably in a central location of some sort. At this point you might wonder (and others will probably suggest) that you invest in a computer server to do exactly that. There seems to be a … Read More

Your Best Employee: the smartphone?


I’m never one to underscore face-to-face customer interaction. There is no replacement for an employee with a positive attitude and good work ethic. That being said, as more of your customers get used to the instant results of their smartphone, they will increasingly rely on online information and apps to get answers. It’s up to you to make sure they get accurate information about your products and services, and that they understand the benefits of being your customer. A recent … Read More

All I want for Christmas is a nice wish list


A philosophy of Backpack Tactics is that computers exist to make your life and work easier, not harder. With the advent of the awaited Christmas shopping season, I thought that I’d cover something a little bit more “personal” and a bit less “business.” Also, what I’m about to tell you is just such a great example of how convenient technological resources can be when wielded properly. I’m happy to inform you that even Christmas gifting is no exception to our philosophy. … Read More