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Don’t be someone else’s phish in a barrel

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Today I got yet another email offering me the opportunity to “Get satisfactoin with oyur daerms noline.” This appeared to be “from” my actual friend Jodi. Now, don’t get me wrong, nothing would make me happier than achieving my daerms–who can deny that? The strange thing was that this could not be my friend Jodi because (a) she can spell, and (b) she never really emails me anyway. Alas, Jodi (and a bunch of her contacts) fell victim of a malicious … Read More

Can customers find you on their map? And what do customers say about you there?


I’m taking my smartphone for a walk through your neighborhood, do you want me to stop by? Think of all the things you do to attract customers. Signs, a nice looking storefront, clean interior and of course, a high quality service or product. These are all good things, but if a prospective customer can’t find you they all go unrecognized. Google Maps & Google Places If you’re viewing this blog entry, you’ve likely used Google Maps to print directions to … Read More

Don’t back up. Move forward.


Since data is really fragile, and people around me are constantly losing their data,  I have a lot of conversations about the need for backing up data. Backing up sounds boring (and it kindof is), but it’s really important. And if you do it right, you’ll totally rock the computing party in a worry-free style. Unfortunately, most people that I talk to have one of two ideas: Oh no. I never back up anything. (Usually said with a sort of … Read More

Playing Games to Bring in Customers – Interactive Technology Makes Visiting Your Business Fun


I recently took a road trip to Washington, D.C. for work and vacation. Social media tools proved vital for locating coffee shops and museums, and selecting restaurants and hotels. Some of these interactive tools play on a game mentality, where visiting your establishment can earn things like badges or create healthy competition – driving even more business your way! Customer Engagement Interacting with your customers isn’t something new to you. It’s likely a key pillar to your business success. Social … Read More