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Computers can smell your fear


Many believe that ignorance and general incompetence is the chief impediment to using technology to full capacity. They believe that they are “just not a computer person” and thus trapped in a state of technological paralysis. As such, their inherent non-techie-ness has doomed them to forever limp along with their personal computer, phone, etc. There is a bit of both truth and falsehood in this belief. The truth: technological paralysis is a very real thing. It is a mental virus that prevents … Read More

Use your computer as an expansion slot for your brain

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In both professional and personal life, there’s a lot of stuff to keep track of: communication, deadlines, bill payment, time sheets, daily tasks, regular periodic maintenance, keeping up on the latest news and research, etc. It’s difficult for our human brains to keep all these things “in mind,” and we can easily find ourselves with an excess of what I like to call “mental overhead.” This overhead taxes your overall mental energy and the much-needed concentration that could be better … Read More